summer nights …

it has been a wet, windy, coldish summer. it really doesn’t feel like summer at all. but when there is a glimpse of sunshine & no rain we are outside in a flash! one of our favourite things to do for date night this summer is have a home cooked meal on the beach. on friday night we enjoyed a zucchini and mushroom quiche coupled with a salad with fresh tomatoes and basil at our favourite beachside location. we love going outside to escape the house & the day. at this table we have shared some amazing conversations, gazes, delicious meals, we have seen almost everyone we know walk by, watched the making of ‘the great gatsby’ by baz lurhmann, been questioned by the law authorities (we’re innocent!), and just watched the waves come and go.  here is a quick vid to share our night with you …

i love the lyrics to the song in the vid ‘on this side’ by clare bowditch.

here are some pics that capture our dinner in a different way …

the tea lights in the jars were inspired by my amazingly creative friend sarah from fabrik.

what are some of your favourite places to have a summer dinner?


rewind: installations.

i love love love creating installations ! it is one of my all time favourite things to do ! i try to create a fresh installation for our mantle piece at the turn of the season and for each special occasion. here are a few of my installations of the past …

spring 2011.

the arrival of the baby 2011.

autumn 2011.

i have a new idea brewing so keep posted for the next installation!


meet me at the laundrette.

i just can’t get enough of this family photo shoot. i mean seriously?! is it not the most amazing shoot you’ve seen?

mia & cal are friends of ours & this photo shoot is true to their soul. i love the laundrette setting, i love the modern plus vintage combined and who could deny the glory of the roller skates ?! Simply stunning.
Jessica Ross Photography … you never cease to amaze me !
mia’s dress was passed onto her from her mother-in-love. it is so special and it suits her to a tea !
check out more of the shoot here.

calendar love.

i love paper.

last year, we decided to give our parents a Christmas gift that keeps on giving (for 12 months). a 2012 calendar from paper coterie. it took us a few hours to put this together but we’re really happy with the result. we were a bit late off the mark in getting this going i.e. we started the process in the first week of jan … Ooops! Lucky we each have very forgiving parents !!

the calendars came in the mail from the States today. let’s just say we’re a little bit excited to give our folks a VERY belated Christmas gift !

check out the calendar we created for 2012 by clicking here.


twenty years and counting.

the other day as i was picking up a chai latte from my local i bumped into this amazing couple on their twenty year wedding anniversary !! WOW !!!

introducing jon & vic.

these guys are seriously amazing. they are like the bedrock of our little community, they are parents to everyone and anyone (even with four littlies of their own!), they are the cool aunt & uncle you wish you had, they give sound advice, they care, they are fun, their house is a revolving door for guests, friends, family, anyone, they love to throw a party, and they are generous beyond words. we love them.

since i had my camera handy, i took a few shots and left them alone to celebrate such a momentus occasion.

vic later sent me this simply gorgeous photo taken on their wedding day.

“such babes” as vic put it.

they also sent through some top tips for marriage. such excellent, well considered, lived out advice … here it is !

invest in your marriage – celebrate anniversaries and go on date nights (without children… ’cause you can’t hold hands!).

invest in life together – actively plan your lives to be sharing it together, not as two people living under the same roof (eg. we set goals together at the beginning of each year – spiritual, mental, physical, work, family etc).


give generously of yourself to your spouse, always putting them before yourself (eg. don’t let the sun go down on disagreements, no game playing etc).

give to others – love, serve and care together.


remain centred in Jesus (if Christians of course).

remain good friends – enjoy each other and life together – make time to have fun together.

remain passionate about each other!

“Note this is purposely not parenting tips – just marriage – cause parents need to love each other as well as their kids!”

thanks loads jon & vic ! congratulations and may you enjoy an eternity together !!