best summer holiday yet.

we’ve just got back from the best summer holiday we’ve had yet.

our good friends tony and meg, who live 2 hours south of sydney in wollongong (husband’s home town), went on their annual family holiday up the coast … so, we moved into their house for two weeks. it was seriously the best.

here are a few highlights from our holiday:

joey’s favourite past-time – chasing after birds. In this case, seagulls … yippee ! keep them away from me !

(ironically, just after this shot i got pooped on by a seagull – apparently it is good luck?!)


we love love LOVED boat harbour ! we went there almost every day. the fish’n’chips and levendi were a delight.

the ever essential flat white, chai tea and baby cino at lee and me

and finally a hot date with my love (and the baby!) at diggies.

we will have so many good memories from this holiday … hopefully round two next year?!