in the spirit of the australian open of surfing which is right on our door step, and under the recommendation of oh so lovely vintage, on friday night i sat down with my man & we watched gidget. “gidget” … girl + midget = gidget. this 1959 film is simply stunning. for all you budding girl surfers out there this is an absolute MUST watch. the swimsuits alone are to die for, and the surfing, well… let’s just say, throw out the surfers code of conduct & let’s all have a party wave ! it is the simplest of love stories, and i love the innocence of gidget. she is wonderful. all of these pics are courtesy of oh so lovely vintage.

gidget with the girls … love love love the double snorkel swim mask !

we’ve all done this at one time … somewhere !

surfing with moondoggy.

i love these ‘sailor’ swimmers. they don’t make things like they used to.

my favourite dress. i love the crosses at the front. so sweet.

i love these vintage convertibles.

go on and watch it. i did not regret one second !