beach livin’.

i really do enjoy our beach lifestyle. it is all i know. even though, at times, i dream of living in the snow in the mountains (i luuurrve skiing!), nothing can beat the warmth of the ocean while surfing on a hot summers day or a cool southerly in the evening that brings the odd thunderstorm. despite the (many) frustrations, i really enjoyed the australian open of surfing these last two weeks. i recorded a few bits & bobs on my iPhone to capture this fun time. i still can’t get over how many people were in town. crazy ! we saw loads of surfing, but unfortunately the surfers look like ants with my iPhone video skills… so here is my take on the australian open of surfing … minus the surfing.

enjoy !


* music by one of my all time favourites: Roy Ayres, “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” … yes we do !