mother’s day 2012.

mother’s day this year was filled with a plethora of emotions for me.

i am insanely thankful for my mother, who i become more and more and more appreciative of each year. she is intelligent, strong, beautiful, successful, caring and incredibly right in everything. i am also insanely thankful for my mother-in-love. she is gentle, musical, generous, fun, and also incredibly right in everything. thank you both for your example to me of a wonderful wife, mother, sister, friend. thank you !

i also can’t believe that i am allowed to be mother to joey and the baby. i love them so much it hurts ! they are so different from one another and yet they complement each other, and mark & i so incredibly well. i have no doubt that God ordained us to be together as a family. thank you !

my emotions were mixed, however, as my heart could not stop thinking (& praying for) my friends who, in this last year, have lost their own bubs, or who have not been able to have bubs (yet!). days like yesterday must be really hard. what strong, corageous, and faithful women. i don’t know if i would have your strength & grace if i were in your position. thank you.

with these feelings in my heart, i was able to host (yes host :) ) a lunch at our new place with mark’s family. this made me so incredibly happy.* this is what we were created for. we ate salmon, creamy mash, and key lime pie with homemade ice cream. spesh ! in the tradition of mother’s day, we took a few family photo’s … this is a series of seven pics starting out ‘serious’ going to ‘happy’ … just want you to note my sister-in-love’s face …

Next year we’ll have a new little bub in our midst and kate will be the proud mother ! yippee !!!!!!!!!!!! i love our expanding family.

much love


*I am yet to celebrate mother’s day with my own mum & will hopefully do that asap.