susie homemaker.

lately i have been a real ‘susie homemaker’. it has been so much fun ! a lot in our little world has changed to help me jump on the homemaker bandwagon …

when we got married i didn’t really have much direction in how i wanted our place to look … renting can be so hard because you never really feel settled. i think i just thought ‘anything will do, we’ll be out of here before we know it’. in hindsight, this was a bad attitude … it meant that we just collected stuff that was functional & that fit into the space of a shoebox rather than collect things we love.

i also didn’t get a chance to ‘nest’ when joey was born because i went into labour the day i left work (things are always on the move in my world !), nor with the baby because i had joey around my feet 24/7.

since we have moved, it finally feels like i have the space and the head space to actually start collecting things i love for our home. i am sure that things will constantly be changing and improved around the place & i am totally happy with that ! it means that we’ll get a lot of creative stimulation, i get the benefit of frequenting op shops, and we will grow with the space as we grow as a family. yeah !

here are my latest finds from the glorious world of op shops …

the beloved new green couch*, the blue dress (just like my grandmothers <3 ), the pink blanky …

aperture for when peeps come over & i want our rest room to look fancy ..

fav pyrex dishes & blanky …

retro pink cutlery … sorry mark !!

the sweetest vintage toy corvette cars that i ever did see !

so fun hey?! just loving living the dream.

i have a few more items that are on my ‘look out for’ list … if i can’t find them in the next little while i’ll have to try etsy.


* the night the green couch was delivered we had some friends over for dinner. they could not believe that it only cost me $30 & it was so hilarious that now everything i purchase is compared to ‘the cost of a couch’. my friend called me the next day to say she was so inspired by my op shopping that she visited vinnies & found four cushions that she had been looking for (& had been told were sold out of every store in Australia) for ‘the cost of half a couch’. how ’bout that! love it.