i have been really sick these last two weeks :( i don’t get sick so it is a bit weird being sick. my husband has been amazing while i have been sick. he claims i don’t know how to be sick (i think it’s because i don’t get ‘man flu’). so he repeatedly brings me cups of hot tea, medicine, and sends me to bed early. bless him. the house is a shambles, there is washing to the ceiling and lots of food (rice in particular) under the baby’s high chair. i caved today and finally went to the doctor :( i am now on antibiotics :( i can’t remember the last time i took antibiotics and was stumped by the dr’s question if i would prefer amoxicillin or augmentin ???? i had no idea so went for the lower strength antibiotic.

anyhoo, mark gave me the weekend off and i pretty much spent it sleeping on the couch. but in my moments of consciousness, as i was looking around the lounge room, i decided it is in desperate need of some neon. neon neon neon. neon is happy. here are a few places from around the web that have made me happy …

onetwothreefour, five. wow ! get me some neon. xx