today’s WNWR is for the littlest member of your clan. this year i have had to wrap my head around three little people and their gifts for christmas. needless to say it has been fun. sometimes it feels so strange to be a mum … i still feel like a teenager! ha! not quite. but i often look at my kids & try to imagine what they think of me … and that takes me back to my thoughts on my mum & dad at the same age. nostalgia. it’s that time of year!

want // musical handbells. i just love these handbells and believe every child should have a set at home and not just at school! when better to introduce your child to music than when they’re a baby?!?! I’ve been taking my kids to music lessons since before they could crawl. it is so good for brain development, socialising, following instructions etc. so i am always looking for ways to enrich their musical lives. (photo source).

need // cot sheets. i have a terrible time in finding good quality, awesome cot sheets. i love this DIY that i found on . now for some fabric hunting & time before christmas to make these puppies!

wear // i mean, seriously. cute huh?!?!

read // i came across this series from this blog. she is awesome. and she loves pink – totally trustworthy. and what a great idea to educate our kids on classics while having fun reading!!

what other ideas do you have for your baby?


before + after

bath1 bath2 blocks1 blocks2 peek1 peek2

// 1 + 2  first EVER bath ! // 3 + 4 blocks in the hall // 5 + 6 peek-a-boo!

i’ve just been going through some of our photos which were taken in the last few weeks & i found these before + after shots. i am finding it more difficult these days to snap our life as it tends to get quite busy around here ! but when i get the chance (or remember) i am snap happy :) i hope i’ll get into the groove of three kids, three & under, soon enough so that i don’t miss out on capturing any moment. these three are too precious & they are growing too fast. sometimes i wish i could just stop the clock for a few days to enjoy the chubby legs, chubby cheeks, the toddler talking, the cuddles, the quirky looks. life moves too fast. a friend of mine posted this comment on fb this morning:

I am so sad tonight. My 6 yr old is 1 third of his way to an 18 yr old!!! Only twice as long (hopefully longer!) under my roof. Only 6 years, then he is 12! My sons get a 5 minute massage every night- i’m stepping it up to 10 minutes each. I cannot stand the fact that they are growing up so quickly! I also cannot stand that school starts in 2 days. I like just knowing that they are here, even when i am in the kitchen and they are playing lego and calling me to look at a new lego whatever, i live for it. Another perfect holiday. Play dates, sleepovers, bikes, scooters, dvd nights, late nights, miss them already.”

isn’t that just gorgeous?! i think i’m going to start that massage idea. very cool. they always say that the days are long but the years are quick during this phase of life. i feel this immensely.


he’s here !


just a quick note to let all you lovely peeps know that he’s here ! he’s finally here !! we are just smitten with the newest member of our family & we feel incredibly blessed that he arrived all safe & sound. this time around i am just amazed that God provides us with MORE love for EACH child when a new one is added to the family. is that how he feels about us? it must be! wowee.

thanks for taking this journey with us ! it is especially exciting times for us & we are enjoying every single minute.


39 weeks.

boy liddell clothes

we are now 39 weeks. this is the most pregnant i have ever been! it feels strange after two kids who arrived surprisingly bang on 38 weeks to now be (in my head “a week overdue”) a week out from our due date. hahaha. it is really good for me to be this far along for a number of reasons. firstly, i feel like a normal person now – i am not some super pregnant woman who escapes the last 2 – 4 weeks of pregnancy … i am now in the club of women who wait each day in expectation and anticipation for those first contractions to start in the hope that the baby will come before the due date. each day I am getting just that little bit more tired & achy which i didn’t experience with the other two (probably why I bounced back so easily). and lastly, it gives me a feeling of total lack of control. i have no control over when or how this boy will enter the world. i only pray it is a good experience for all !! it feels a bit like waiting for Jesus to return. the strangest thing is that i keep expecting to receive a text or email saying “emily, you’re in labour now. better get to the hospital asap”. is that what my life has become?!? total dependence on technology to tell me where to go & what to do? sheesh ! i feel so silly. it has really made me take another look (after this post) on my dependence of my computer and smart phone.

anyway, mark is now on non-term-time for two weeks, so work and life is significantly more flexible. i am looking forward to putting my feet up when I need to, having an extra pair of hands around at those crazy times, enjoying some quality family time and (hopefully) getting in some real quality time with mark doing a few things we love.

all while waiting for boy liddell to grace us with his presence. i. cannot. wait.


channelling my inner creative.

overalls v1
v3 v4

last year i had the privilege of taking part in some sewing lessons care of a friend’s mum, wendy, for the final quarter. i have always loved sewing. when i was little i made clothes for my teddy’s and dolls and as i got older i made clothes for myself and friends. but this was all without a single sewing lesson ! i should have taken the subject textiles at school, but i preferred drawing and painting so decided to take art instead (a decision i don’t regret!). as a result, my sewing skills have been VERY basic for too long. my MIL is extremely generous and gave me an overlocker a few years ago when joey was born because my sewing itch returned. it has been so good and i have made loads of things, like baby carriers, santa sacks, skirts etc.

i purchased some material off etsy a few years back in the hope that one day i would have a daughter … and i did ! so when i had the opportunity to take lessons from wendy i took them !! I decided on a vintage pattern of overalls that i found in Enid Gilchrist’s ‘Sewing is Simple’ – a book that my MIL handed down to me. i thought the fabric would look really sweet in overalls – a bit girly, but also a bit tomboy. little miss v is a hugely active little girl (she especially loves playing soccer) and since she will be the only girl in a family of brothers i think it is very fitting !

since the pattern was a small diagram in a vintage book, i learned how to make patterns. it was really hard, and at the same time, really satisfying. one really must be a perfectionist for pattern making (that’s you wendy!!). once the pattern was drawn, the material cut, i then started sewing under careful guidance. i am so pleased with the final product ! little miss v loves wearing her new outfit … i really must get some good wear out of it before she grows too much.

i have the opportunity to do some more sewing with wendy this year and i am just SO pumped about it. i love that it is a creative outlet, that i can make something for someone special, and that i am learning a new skill to perfection. if i choose another vintage pattern i will have the confidence to put a modern twist to it. there are some really gorgeous vintage patterns out there, but after the overall project, i can see how a modern twist would really have given it a bit of zing !

what have you been creating lately?


24 weeks.

24 weeks

we’ll be 25 weeks tomorrow & we just can’t believe how time is flying !! i am feeling E-NORmous at the moment, so fingers crossed the 10 week pattern of this pregnancy will continue i.e. grow in the first 5 weeks, slow down for the second 5 weeks … otherwise I’ll be the size of a grey-blue humpback whale by the time the baby comes in April. eeeeeeeee !! i am squealing with excitement about having another baby join our family … and what a lucky duck he is with an absolutely fantastique brother in joey and a fun & caring sister in miss v. woweeeeee !

happy friday everyone !


my little angel.

angel 1angel 2angel 3angel 5angel 6angel 9angel 10angel 11angel 12

since learning that our newest little member to our family is a BOY (yippeeeee!) the way i look at baby has changed. she is my only daughter and i treasure her more greatly now than i thought i would or had capacity. it is so fun knowing the make up of our future family & we can’t stop dreaming of ski holidays, surfing holidays and lots and lots of swimming, bike riding, hiking &c. But knowing that baby & I will be the only two girls in our family, i am also secretly planning coffee dates, high tea and of course shopping weekends in Melbourne with just her. we are going to have so much fun together. she is incredibly precious to us and we all just love her to bits. she is more beautiful than anyone i know and i can see all the wonderful characteristics of my mum, sister, MIL and SIL in her … she’s the lucky one – she gets the best bits out of all of us :) i am loving getting to know her as she grows and i can’t wait to see the woman she turns out to be. but for now, she is, and will always be my little angel.