isn’t this norwegian home gorgeous?! i have been to norway only once and absolutely loved every minute being there even though it was the middle of winter. there is something fresh yet cosy about how they style their homes. and all the girls are simply stunning … i felt like a dark horse among such white blondy blondes.

we had our bedroom painted white this weekend. it feels fresh, crisp, white. so now i’m going crazy on Pinterest with ideas on how to decorate. it is such fun !

hope you had a fabulous Easter break.


on the eve of Christmas eve …

… we started & completed our Christmas gift wrapping, drank tea, chatted, listened to Christmas music from the likes of sufjan stevens, john mayer, queen, billy idol (LOL), bon jovi & some randoms … yes ! the night was fun on many levels & now I feel ready for Christmas … we just need to hire a proper Christmas movie for tonight or tomorrow night. What movie(s) do you like watching on Christmas Eve or at Christmas time?

Here is what our house looks like when it (finally) gets dark…

christmas tree

Our beloved Christmas Tree. As you can see all the ornaments are soft or unbreakable this year & there are no gifts under the tree because they would be opened in a flash by our little joey !!

the beginning of the beginning

Starting to bring out all the gifts to wrap (note: our table was FULL by the time we started !).

my little joey

Joey opening the advent calendar box to find a chocolate ! Hoorah !

tea for a break

Our little tea area ready for when we need a break.

We hope you have a fabulous Christmas celebrating Jesus’ Birthday with your family & friends !


DIY heart photo collage.

here is a really easy DIY to fill some of that wall space that is just glaring at you day after day after day ….

i have never been one to frame photos & put them on the mantle piece to look pretty & collect dust. in fact I am the opposite ! when we first got married, one of the first things i did in our marital home was to take down all of mark’s framed photos !! there’s just something about framed photos that does not appeal to me … perhaps they are too clunky & take up precious room, perhaps it’s because the photos always seem so posed … or perhaps i’m just a little bit different?! (probably the latter!). but I do love photo’s ! that is one of the main things I love about blogging … the photos !

i am an absolute instaaddict. i love instagram photos because they are small, de cluttered & capture a moment in time at an instant without any fuss. so i had this great idea (again!) to use more of my instagram photos around our house. i found this great little company Printstagram who print your instagram photos & post them out to you. Easy ! And so was born the DIY heart collage …

Step 1: Find a Blank Wall in your Home.

Step 2: Select your best instagram photos & get Printstagram to print and send them to you.

Step 3: Arrange your photos in the shape you like (for me… always a heart !).

Step 4: Apply adhesive to the back of the photos.

I used double sided tape which I would only recommend if you are planning on painting your house in the future like us – otherwise it is not a good product for freshly painted walls. You could try painters tape or something similar.

Step 5: Place your photos on the wall.

How easy is all of that !

As you can see, I have a bit of space left in my heart on the left hand side. This was not done on purpose, however, I am really happy for the space because it allows me to add photos as our family grows.

The original idea came from this post … isn’t this place just divine?!

Happy DIYing !


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Guest Post: Place

Today I have another Guest Post ! This one is from my brother-in-love Andrew. I love this … It shows every bit of his personality, his intellect, his appreciation and love for family and his home which is a million miles away from here. It is perfect … Thanks Andrew !!

“Place matters. Each of us has a profound relationship to one place or another. We were all born somewhere and although we tend to disregard its significance, our home is an intricate part of us.

Let me introduce you to Wendell Berry. If someone is reading this aloud to you, close your eyes so you can picture him better (if you’re reading, please keep your eyes open). When we first encounter our hero, the setting is New York City, 1964. Wendell is a young writer and literature professor at NYU. To the dismay of colleagues and friends, he decides to leave New York in the dust (and apparently literary aspirations) to return to his native Kentucky family farm. Wendell’s choice to return picked up the conversation with his home place that produced him a healthier life and for us some fascinating articles and novels. He writes of the land considerately with knowledge and affection, like a lover. I recommend reading:

Articles: “A Poem of Difficult Hope”, “God and Country”, “The Pleasure of Eating”

Novels: That Distant Land, Jayber Crow

Everything else he’s written.

I recently made a trip to my hometown Marion, Indiana. My cousin Emily and I decided over breakfast to make a film. We had eight hours. We shot nine short pieces of family members telling autobiographical stories at the scene of the crime so to speak. The following are stories from my grandma Leone and my brother Peter.”


wall art.

i have been looking at bare walls ever since we moved into our new place – so it’s time to get some wall art. i have never actually ever purchased any wall art – it is usually either homemade or from my super talented brother-in-love. but now we have many many many walls to fill so i think it is time. i am not quite sure about a theme or what I am really looking for – perhaps just prints and art that are bright & make me smile. here are a few prints that i have been looking at over on etsy just to get me started ..

which one(s) do you like best?

what are your hints and tips for purchasing wall art?



*this post was inspired by A Beautiful Mess.


i have a new found obsession. gardening. yes ! you did hear me correctly … i am a budding horticulturist who just can’t get enough. it is incredibly satisfying seeing immediate progress. i have been weeding until the cows come home & it feels gooooood. i also love the anticipation … waiting for the first buds of a plant to come out – it is extra exciting because i have not seen our garden in full bloom yet. spring is so close & i am jumping out of my skin waiting to see the flowers in our garden. i have just discovered that our crawling rose has started to bloom. i feel like popping some champagne & eating prawns. yippee !

on the weekend we did heaps more gardening. it was crazy fun because we were in the front yard so all the neighbours’ kids came over. i just love it. they are the sweetest kids around & our joey & the baby love them all.

mum gave me a yellow rose from my sister’s garden to plant in ours. it has been potted for a few months and so it looks like it has died. but i still have hope. the baby & i decided to plant it the other day. it looks like she shares the same passion for gardening as her mama :) i have been watering the rose religiously since planted – it is in a good sunny spot.

Do you have any good advice for caring for a rose??