six years of love.


today, six years ago, we got married. it was a sunday, it was both rainy & sunny … a simply stunning day. this time last year we were in Hong Kong celebrating five years (hence the walk down memory lane above!). as i look back through our photos i am stumped as to how fast the years go by … I mean seriously?!?! It feels like yesterday we were saying our vows, and now we have three kids, a house, a car, new careers, new hair styles & glasses and we are making memories like crazy !! Mark’s comment to me last night … “if we keep this going for the next twenty-five years, we’re going have sixty kids” …  not quite, my love! but close <3

i’m not going to lie. it has not all been peaches & cream. we have had our struggles like any (and every!) couple. we have had bouts of sleep deprivation, concern over our kids, stresses at work and study, and working through things in our relationship that can only be explained by the fact that we’re both sinners & need & know the love and grace of Jesus. but, i treasure our marriage, our union, our oneness. i am forever thankful that God hand picked this man to be my husband and kept him for me until the perfect time. i treasure the life that we are making, the foundation that we are building, and the path we are carving. i treasure our three little children. i treasure our past and our future.

today we give thanks and celebrate! we look for inspiration from those who have gone before us and we hope to be an example to those who come after us of love, covenant, devotion, romance.

here’s to the next sixty years and more together !

mark, i love you.


he’s here !


just a quick note to let all you lovely peeps know that he’s here ! he’s finally here !! we are just smitten with the newest member of our family & we feel incredibly blessed that he arrived all safe & sound. this time around i am just amazed that God provides us with MORE love for EACH child when a new one is added to the family. is that how he feels about us? it must be! wowee.

thanks for taking this journey with us ! it is especially exciting times for us & we are enjoying every single minute.



j1 j2 j3

j&v2 j&v3

our little boy started pre-school last week. it was a big event for us all. we had been building up to it during the summer break, talking to joey about pre-school, buying all the essentials for pre-school, talking about new friends and teachers etc. i was a bit nervous that he would be clingy & resist going in … but to my great surprise he practically skipped in to pre-school & then skipped out at the end of the first day ! i was just stoked. he is still so small & yet his formal education has just begun. being married to a , and me training to be a teacher it is a big deal that our first born has begun his formal education. we are just so excited for him. he is going to do great & i just love hearing him talk about his new friends – he’s already asking me if some of them can come over to play at our house ! what a little trooper.

this little guy is bringing us so much joy at the moment. currently he says things to me like “i love your hair mamma” or “i love to pull your hair mamma”. he is totally obsessed with my hair (always has been) & now that baby’s hair is long, he loves that too. he’s also been telling me that i have “nice feet” and “nice toes”. Well, gee thanks little guy ! I think yours are pretty cute too. he’s learning lots of self-help things at the moment & we’re at the stage where he can get his own breakfast in the morning. i cannot tell you how HUGE that is for me … it has also stopped a lot of tears in the morning because he can now get breakfast EXACTLY the way he likes it. i love to hear him play … he’s incredibly imaginative & sometimes he gets really embarrassed if he realises that i have been listening to him play for quite a while. this last week was the first time we watched the movie Cars (yes ! i know, i know… we are WAY behind the times … but in all honesty we are just doing too much during the day that we haven’t had time for movies until it started to rain!). he was SO excited to see Lightening McQueen on TV … WOW ! since it rained all week, we’ve basically watched the movie every single day.

Anyway, we just love this little guy. he’s our first born. he’s growing up WAY too fast. he now teaches us stuff we didn’t know before, and everything happened either yesterday or is happening tomorrow. we love love love him.

have you had any firsts in the last little while?


la femme d’argent.

mark has been away for the last two weeks and i have a week and a half to go without my better half … how will i survive? living at mum & dad’s and emails from my love like this:

“La Femme D’Argent – simply means the one who takes care of home in a very positive way.

Argent or Silver is hard shiny metal way cheaper than gold or any precious stones but way more common in use on the daily life basis. Word Femme is light and soft itself and may give negative touch or resonance to hard metal and currency from easy spending perspective, but here it should be looked at positively as the carrier of fairly small but crucial amount of money that’s needed to be spent on home needs to keep it warm and welcome.

Look at it as someone who bakes bread in the morning. And multiply it to the level of modern understanding of someone very wise, warm and caring.


Can you see the reason I am the luckiest girl alive?!?!?!?!?!

It just so happens that one of our favourite French bands is Air. Love them. Here is one of our favourite tunes that I have been listening to ever since I got Mark’s email this morning.


p.s. don’t you just love audrey tautou? i wish i was her.

the sweetest.

we arrived home from our anniversary trip to Hong Kong* this morning & on the way home in the car mark told me that he had an anniversary gift for me … what the? i thought the trip was the gift !! but no … there was more.

once we had spent some good time with the kids, put them to sleep for their afternoon nap, and while i was doing some washing, mark was carefully preparing his surprise gift … and here it is:

 it is an exact replica (albeit smaller!) of our wedding cake five years ago ! wow !

before we left for Hong Kong he had organised different members of our family to organise the cake & the bouquet. WOW !! i love this man. he is the sweetest. sometimes it is too overwhelming because he has thought about everything & i don’t deserve anything. but after five years of marriage i am getting used to the fact that i am totally blessed to be married to him & blown away each day by his love. wow !

now i need to go and eat some more of this cake ….


*posts of our trip to HK coming soon !