DIY party rock anthem.

i am not kidding. on saturday a friend of mine organised a flash mob for a very special lady’s birthday party. let’s just say it was a little bit too fun & i am so proud to say that i actually learnt this. yessssss !

if you are unfamiliar with it, here is the party rock anthem. ‘ever since that song came out … every day he’s shufflin … it will get in your bones …’ 28 days later …

here is the DIY.

It looks hard, but let’s face it … every day i’m shuffilin’.


eurovision 2012.

when i think of Eurovision all i can say is: wow ! at points during this year’s Eurovision i was speechless. i was without speech. wow. i still haven’t worked out whether or not the performers are actually serious, nevertheless, they give it their absolute best & i’m happy to be entertained by their many talents! the SBS commentary was outstanding this year & the twitter feed was genius.

the winner of Eurovision 2012 was truly outstanding. a friend of mine messaged me during the performance of Loreen from Sweden,

“Sweden just does it for me. Is there something wrong with me? I want to go and download it now.”

she echoes my thoughts exactly.  Loreen was a cut above the rest – she was so elegant & beautiful … the snow & the slo-mo at the end were a very very special treat !

but i must say, i keep coming back to my favourite Eurovision winner … Alexander Rybak from Norway in 2009 … check this:

Eurovision 2013 in Sweden … i’m counting down the days already !

who was your favourite performer in this year’s Eurovision?


* fact: Celine Dion was discovered when she won Eurovision 1991. wow !

** and yes… ABBA were discovered at the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest … they sang ‘Waterloo’ which I love & found it hard to believe that during the interval act on the second night of the semi’s the performers forgot the words???!!!!

always the last to know …

ever since my school days i have always been the last person to find out anything about anything. i don’t know why, but i’m just a bit behind the eight ball when it comes to being ‘in the know’. i don’t mind – it’s just me & i don’t expect it to change.

recently i asked my source of all good things music (joanna kate) what i should be listening to. she suggested alice russell. bam ! i have hit a winner. but seriously?!?!?!?!?!? why has it taken me so long to jump on this band wagon??!!!!!

here is a little number that i have been cranking up on our stereo whenever i can.

what have you been listening to lately ? any more recommendations for me ?