today is a new day.

life for the last three weeks or so has felt a bit like the baby here:

we have had lots of bad news and lots of sickness. it has been bad bad bad bad bad. this last weekend was the worst … all four of us had gastro. it was seriously bad. i am so thankful that we live in a country of eucalyptus trees that give us eucalyptus spray for times like these.

but today is a new day ! and i have decided on behalf of my family that enough is enough and we are onward and upward from here ! so, after we dropped joey off at toddler school this morning the baby & i threw away our sick clothes, popped on our sunday best and wandered out into the glorious sunshine for a morning tea picnic. it was divine.

spending these days alone with the baby is amazingly good … we can do girly things (even though she loves to play with cars and dinosaurs) and i really get to see her personality come into its own. i wish my husband could be a fly on the wall for these days to see what us girls get up to because i know it would increase his love for us a hundredfold ;)

baby doll.

kewpie and dinosaur. great combo.

our location.

baby foot.

the baby and me.

so thankful that each day is a new day & that i have been blessed in abundance.