DIY heart photo collage.

here is a really easy DIY to fill some of that wall space that is just glaring at you day after day after day ….

i have never been one to frame photos & put them on the mantle piece to look pretty & collect dust. in fact I am the opposite ! when we first got married, one of the first things i did in our marital home was to take down all of mark’s framed photos !! there’s just something about framed photos that does not appeal to me … perhaps they are too clunky & take up precious room, perhaps it’s because the photos always seem so posed … or perhaps i’m just a little bit different?! (probably the latter!). but I do love photo’s ! that is one of the main things I love about blogging … the photos !

i am an absolute instaaddict. i love instagram photos because they are small, de cluttered & capture a moment in time at an instant without any fuss. so i had this great idea (again!) to use more of my instagram photos around our house. i found this great little company Printstagram who print your instagram photos & post them out to you. Easy ! And so was born the DIY heart collage …

Step 1: Find a Blank Wall in your Home.

Step 2: Select your best instagram photos & get Printstagram to print and send them to you.

Step 3: Arrange your photos in the shape you like (for me… always a heart !).

Step 4: Apply adhesive to the back of the photos.

I used double sided tape which I would only recommend if you are planning on painting your house in the future like us – otherwise it is not a good product for freshly painted walls. You could try painters tape or something similar.

Step 5: Place your photos on the wall.

How easy is all of that !

As you can see, I have a bit of space left in my heart on the left hand side. This was not done on purpose, however, I am really happy for the space because it allows me to add photos as our family grows.

The original idea came from this post … isn’t this place just divine?!

Happy DIYing !


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have you seen anything cooler…

than this bathroom?

i mean seriously ??!!

the apple and the pink stripes are perfect, the mirror is divine, the pink vanity & pink bathtub are covetous…

… and what is more perfect? our friends who own this bathroom have three girls. perrrrfect !

it reminds me of my nana’s bathroom. seriously 60s. seriously awesome.

we hope to move into a house one day. i hope we can make our bathroom as cool as this.

tony & meg. you rock.