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wall art.

i have been looking at bare walls ever since we moved into our new place – so it’s time to get some wall art. i have never actually ever purchased any wall art – it is usually either homemade or from my super talented brother-in-love. but now we have many many many walls to fill so i think it is time. i am not quite sure about a theme or what I am really looking for – perhaps just prints and art that are bright & make me smile. here are a few prints that i have been looking at over on etsy just to get me started ..

which one(s) do you like best?

what are your hints and tips for purchasing wall art?



*this post was inspired by A Beautiful Mess.


it doesn’t take much for my man to impress me. he pretty much just has to breathe & i am totally #proudwife. but this weekend was really special for him & also for me as i was with him when he was awarded the . wow ! what an incredible achievement. i was so proud & thoroughly enjoyed watching him be recognised for his creativity and his hard work. i am so excited to see what he gets up to in our lifetime together. let’s just say there is never a dull moment in our house because he is never satisfied with mediocrity or slowing down. even. for. a. second. i am just delighted for him & I can’t wait to hear about all his adventures from his study tour next year.

i was also absolutely delighted to witness a sweet little friend of mine receive the Premier’s COFA Scholarship for Creative Arts. The gorgeous hannah was my flatmate while i was at uni & bless her little heart she is the wonderful woman who introduced me to installations … our little unit was practically an installation with all her works while she was completing her studies at COFA. isn’t she just so gorgeous ?! she will use her scholarship to experience the shanghai biennale & other wonderful things. what a talented lady !


each peach pear giveaway !

 today we have our first (most amazing!) giveaway from our sponsor kate maree design ! hurrah ! the incredibly talented kate maree is giving away $50 worth of designer greeting cards. stunning !

to enter, please leave a reply on this post with who you would like to send a greeting card to and why.

today i received the most beautiful card & gift in the mail from a friend and it has inspired me to put pen to paper – it is always so much more special receiving a card in the mail.

the winner will be announced on Friday 22 June.

good luck !


* note: i post internationally … so go for it !

may gibbs installation.

may gibbs was a huge part of my childhood. i love her. the adventures of snugglepot and cuddlepie were some of my all time favourite books. i was pleased to the MAX when frankie did a little bio of may gibbs & her work. it was just gorgeous – they even printed some of her beautiful illustrations ! i knew these prints could not go unnoticed & i kept them since before we moved knowing that i would put them to good use one day.

since i have just finished my studies for this semester, and i am fully inspired by this course, i thought it was best to use the prints for a little may gibbs installation for the baby’s room. this project is just the first of many little projects i have up my sleeve for the next few weeks (so stay posted!). i am really happy with the result ! once we paint the room i’d like to get some proper may gibbs prints and frame them so the baby can keep them forever.

happy friday everyone !